Countdown to 2020

January 12, 2012

2020 Group sets 12 priorities for 2012

Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group has agreed 12 priorities for 2012 – with the aim of driving concerted action in a range of areas to help Scotland realise its 2020 target to reduce carbon emissions by 42 per cent.

The ‘12 for 2012’ – announced today (January 12th at 12 noon) – include a promise to closely examine the toughest environmental challenges facing Scotland. These ‘difficult questions’ will include a paper on speed limits to open up a debate on the subject.

The 12 priorities will be the focus of the 2020 group throughout this year – and they fall into three broad themes:

  • Leading by example via the delivery of carbon reduction initiatives the group is involved in – this includes tackling the ‘difficult questions’ like speed limits and also the publication of key reports, including  what works in Transport for Business
  • Breaking down the barriers that prevent businesses and the wider community taking action to tackle climate change – and improving collaboration across all sectors to make a real difference
  • Looking at specific areas where concerted action can make a big difference – in energy efficiency, food production, land use and waste disposal, for example.

Ian Marchant, Convener of the 2020 Climate Group and Chief Executive of SSE said the ‘12 for 2012’ signalled a big step forward for the group, created in December 2009.

“The 2020 Climate Group was established to help to align actions across Scotland to reduce emissions and to support the Scottish Government in the drive to create a low carbon future for Scotland through smarter collaborations and better conversations,” he said.  “The group has made excellent progress assessing the issues and prioritising the areas for action.  But the time has come to move even further into delivery mode and the 12 priorities for 2012 that we have outlined today demonstrate the group’s commitment to doing just that.”

Mr Marchant said the 12 for 2012 programme was ambitious, but had to be if Scotland was to make serious progress towards its 2020 targets.

“To support the achievement of Scotland’s ambitious targets, the 2020 Climate group will need to develop and deliver a plan like this, and much more, every year until 2020,” he explained.

Mr Marchant said individuals, communities, businesses and organisations across the public and third sector all had to step up to the mark. He warned: “If we fail to get the whole of Scottish society committed to making transformational changes, then we will never succeed in making the most of Scotland’s opportunity to take the lead in tackling climate change.”

The 2020 group has a number of sub-groups that look at specific areas like transport, waste and resources, finance, land use and forestry, the built environment and both public and business engagement. These groups will be key in starting to tackle the priorities in earnest in 2012 and beyond.

The 12 for 2012 priorities.