February 6, 2018

2020 Group to wind down in 2018

At its most recent meeting, Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group board made the decision to dissolve the Group in the Spring.

The three year Government funding of the 2020 Group secretariat within the ECCI ends in Spring 2018. As there is no fresh model for funding, but there is a new Climate Change Plan being launched in February, the board believe this is an appropriate time to stand down and allow alternative models to emerge.

Scotland’s 2050 emissions targets will require massive investment from the private sector and businesses large and small must rise to this challenge. Board members hope that the 2020 model will provide a good foundation to continue to grow the engagement and commitment of Scotland’s private sector as it develops into the core of a truly modern, sustainable economy for Scotland.

The 2020 Group was set up by Scottish business leaders following the Climate Change (Scotland) Act of 2009 and initially led by Ian Marchant. This ambitious Bill included targets to reduce carbon emissions by 42% of 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Since 2009, there has been considerable progress and Scotland is on track to meet the 42% target by 2020. The Group has inspired real commitment among business on prioritising reduced emissions while continuing to grow the economy.

Over the years the Group successfully provided a safe space for collaboration. Launching and nurturing initiatives such as the Ideas Lab at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (now part of ECCI’s ClimateKIC programme), Scotland Lights up Malawi and the 2050 Climate Group – Scotland’s leadership organisation for young professionals. The Group influenced business engagement on Scotland’s climate change plans and policies. In recent years the board led panel discussions, events, round-tables and workshops with businesses from across sectors to engage leadership on this agenda and highlight its role.

Current board members remain committed to working towards a sustainable low carbon Scottish economy, and will continue to use their influence to encourage other businesses and business leaders in Scotland. The board intend to offer personal support and advice to the 2050 Group as they dissolve the 2020 Group initiative.

Dame Susan Rice, Chair of the 2020 Group, says,

“Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group are volunteers, senior figures from the business and environment sectors who have willingly given up their own time over a number of years. The Group has played an important role in engaging businesses as Scotland has established itself as a world-leader in tackling climate change. The new Climate Change Act, expected early 2018, will be even more ambitious. Progress towards the 2050 target will be very challenging. It will require the full commitment of Scottish business and good collaboration with central and local government to deliver it.

“I’m grateful to my fellow Board members, past and present, and the secretariat at Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), for the great work they’ve done in increasing understanding of the opportunities of climate change within the business community. I know how committed they all are, on a personal level, to continuing to work to this shared goal.

“I’d also like to thank the Scottish Government for their support of the ECCI secretariat over the last three years. This commitment recognised that Scotland’s businesses, especially small and medium sized enterprises which comprise so much of our economy, need to be engaged and supported to take advantage of the opportunities that the transition to a low carbon economy can bring to us all.”


Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group will continue to operate until the end of March 2018; media and general enquiries can be directed to or by contacting Siobhan Dunn, Acting Project Manager, directly at / 07717 542 965.