Countdown to 2020

March 25, 2012



Scottish Business in the Community

Scottish Business in the Community is one of the Prince’s Charities in Scotland, it is the only organisation supporting and challenging its private sector members and its partners to improve their impacts in the workplace, marketplace, community and environment.

Our support, products and services can help your business tackle the unprecedented challenges and opportunities in a achieving a sustainable Scotland for today and the future. SBC Membership represents seven percent of the working population, tens of thousands of people from the Scottish workforce, many of whom are using their influence to shape a new way of doing better business, creating socially and environmentally stronger communities and ultimately helping Scotland achieve its full potential.

Through the Prince’s Mayday Network, we inspire businesses to take action on climate change, supporting them on their journey as they progress.  We broker opportunities that lead to innovation and collaborative action. For businesses already on the road to a low carbon future, we profile their actions, encouraging B2B networking to ensure sharing and take up of best practice.

The network works very closely with a range of environmental organisations, including Green Business Partnership, EST, Carbon Trust and Zero Waste Scotland, to ensure that business know about and have access to the plethora of support available in Scotland.

Our strap line “42% by 2020. Are you signed up?” is directly aimed at supporting the Scottish Government’s ambitious emission targets; and supporting both the buy in and delivery from the business sector. Through a range of events we support and host, we interact with business on 2 levels: On an operational level to build capacity within organisations; and at a strategic level to ensure that businesses in Scotland remain at the forefront of the Climate Change agenda.

At SBC we take our own environmental impact seriously. By continually monitoring our footprint and communicating with our staff, so that they understand and take assertive actions to limit their carbon impact, we are constantly working towards a more sustainable future. We are a small but innovative team and have recently used ourselves as a pilot project, taking masters students from the University of Edinburgh onto our premises for the day. They worked through relevant data, calculating not only our footprint, but also key impact areas and ways that these can be reduced. We hope to roll this out to a wider SME audience in the autumn, an example of how innovative partnership working can be used to address some of the challenges SMEs face in measuring and managing their carbon emissions.