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March 25, 2012



The William Tracey Group

Partnering for Success…

The William Tracey Group, based in Renfrewshire, is one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies who offer a full range of environmental services.

Established in 1948, the company fuses unparalleled industry experience with the latest technologies to deliver bespoke recycling and resource management services for each of its customers. Delivering the highest level of customer service is as important today as ever and the innovative company focuses on this throughout all levels of the organisation, priding itself on long term partnerships which add value to the customer’s business.

The William Tracey Group have been granted planning consent for a new Anaerobic Digestion facility to be located at Barkip near Beith in North Ayrshire, after partnering with Zebec Biogas Limited. North Ayrshire Council recently issued consent for the new 75,000 tonne per annum capacity plant to be built and operational for early in 2011 creating at least 10 new jobs in the area and developing a site which was historically used as a Landfill.

The William Tracey Group will supply feedstock materials for the plant, providing another recycling outlet for their customers to divert wastes away from landfill. Suitable materials will include waste food from food manufacturing processes, catering wastes, fats and greases and organic effluent sludge’s.  The new plant represents another step in The William Tracey Group’s move towards provision of full resource recovery options and support for Scotland’s Zero Waste agenda.

Zebec Biogas Limited will also source agricultural feedstock materials for the plant including energy crops and slurries, providing an additional market for local farmers. Outputs from the Anaerobic Digestion Plant include a liquid fertiliser material and a fibre digestate product, both of which will have beneficial fertiliser and soil conditioner properties for use in agriculture.

In a further partnering, The William Tracey Group have signed an agreement with Shasun Pharma Solutions in Cramlington, Northumberland as part of growth strategy to expand the company’s customer base in the North East of England.  Together William Tracey and Shasun have invested in a sophisticated Biological Treatment plant which is ideal for a range of special and hazardous wastes, in particular from the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food & Drink Industries.  This treatment facility offers an alternative for many materials which would traditionally be incinerated making it beneficial in terms of both environmental and cost savings.  This type of commercial partnership between a Pharmaceutical manufacturer and Waste Management company is thought to be a first in the UK.

Michael Tracey, Managing Director of The William Tracey Group said:

“The William Tracey Group has always considered the partnership approach as effective in achieving results and we work with our customers in this way to help them realise their corporate goals and environmental targets.  Partnering with like minded companies such as Zebec Biogas Ltd and Shasun Pharma Solutions gives The William Tracey Group a competitive advantage with regards to the knowledge and skills available and the increased range of services that our customers can benefit from.”

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