June 6, 2012

Climate Justice Fund

On the 31st of May, First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond and former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson launched the Climate Justice Fund in Scotland.  The fund is aimed to assist those that are most impacted by climate change, but are the responsible for creating it.  Scotland will contribute £3 million over the next 3 years.  The funding will fund projects focused on water security in Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia.  Both the Minister and Ms. Robinson emphasised Scotland’s obligation not only to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, but also take responsibility for the injustice experienced around the world.  It is imperative to marry the concept of economic growth and development with climate change and sustainability.

The Climate Justice Fund is also supported by the 2020 Climate Group. Watch this short clip from the many supporters of the Climate Justice Fund.

There were several Public Engagement members including Tom Ballantine, Alex Hill, Adrian Shaw, and George Tarvit.

Public Engagement members Adrian Shaw, George Tarvit, Tom Ballantine and Alex Hill

Public Engagement Sub-Group Members at the Climate Justice Fund Launch