Countdown to 2020

December 7, 2016

The Grey Fleet Project

Transport and Managing Grey Fleets

The 2020 Group’s Transport sub-group supported the development of the Grey Fleet project in 2014, which was led by the Energy Saving Trust and funded by Transport Scotland. The project provides a free sustainable transport review followed by recommendations from a Transport Advisor. The advice and support provided was to assist organisations across Scotland and included both the public and private sector.

Grey Fleet accounts for a significant amount of business mileage, yet it is often not even measured within an organisation. The Transport sub-group challenged themselves with delivering a campaign to encourage businesses to adopt measurement, monitoring and reduction of grey fleet miles to capitalise on the benefits that businesses can make, not only in carbon terms, but also cost, health and safety and even employee wellbeing. The sub-group hosted numerous events to help businesses to manage Grey Fleet costs and liabilities more effectively, providing examples of achieving operational employee travel savings on Grey Fleet of up to 50%, and in many cases for very little up-front investment.

  • Lecture programme: Managing Grey Fleet, EV Challenge, Speed Limits (half day workshop) and Cut Costs & Cut Carbon
  • Over 70 delegates at the ‘Cut Costs and Cut Carbon’ Event, June 2014, from a range of public and private organisations.
  • Identified development of a hub for sustainable transport in Scotland – awarded feasibility funding in 2014 by the Smart Accelerator.