February 28, 2018

Response to Scotland’s new Climate Change Plan

On Wednesday 28th February 2018 the Scottish Government published its updated Climate Change Plan, setting emissions reduction targets for 2018 – 2032.

Along with the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy (Dec 2017), this plan provides the strategic framework for Scotland’s transition to a low carbon country, and includes proposals and polices to reduce emissions from electricity generation, housing, transport, services, industry, forestry, peatlands, waste, and agriculture.

The targets have implications for all Scottish businesses, but equally are an opportunity for the business sector to lead the way in the country becoming carbon neutral and climate positive.

Response from Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group

Responding to the publication, Dame Susan Rice, Chair of Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group, said:

“Since 2009, Scotland has had some of the most ambitious climate change targets in the world. Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group welcome the publication of today’s new Climate Change Plan which furthers this desire for progress by setting out key objectives for the next 15 years.

The ambitious changes outlined by the Climate Change Plan will require the full support of business if they are to be successfully delivered. It is crucial that Scottish Government inspires, engages and supports businesses to make climate-positive changes to their operations, particularly in decarbonising energy usage, electrifying transport and reducing waste, all of which require considerable private investment and commitment.

We are fortunate to have many businesses actively creating a low-carbon future in Scotland, and many more who use the triple bottom line approach – which emphasises environmental and social sustainability as well as financial success – to demonstrate their commitment to this cause. Now is the time for other businesses who don’t yet understand how to benefit from operating in a more climate-positive manner to take action by mitigating the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their operations, as well as learning to adapt to our changing climate.

We urge all Scottish businesses to take the challenges of climate change seriously, and to become part of the solution by investing in low-carbon and sustainable business practices. Real opportunities await those who not only embrace change, but actively drive it. Let’s make Scotland the home of low carbon, sustainable and responsible businesses.”

Previous commentary

On the 22nd September 2017 Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Climate Change Bill:

“We applaud the ambition to modernise the Scottish economy and ensure that Scotland is fit for a low- to zero-carbon future. We want businesses that are competitive at a global scale and an economic and cultural landscape open to sustainable, low carbon and circular business and investment.”

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