Countdown to 2020

December 7, 2016

Scottish Forum on Natural Capital

The 2020 Group was a founding partner of Scottish Forum on Natural Capital

The Scottish Forum is an organisation that brings together public, private and the voluntary sector organisations to protect and rebuild Scotland’s natural capital. The Forum on Natural Capital enables businesses and policy makers to make informed decisions about their impact on the environment, to assess the financial and other benefits they obtain from Scotland’s natural capital and to make a concerted effort to protect it.

The Scottish Forum includes five founding partners:

The vision of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital is supported by its 60+ member organisations from public, private and voluntary sectors. To deliver on its goals the Scottish Forum calculates the monetary value of Scotland’s natural capital and the cost of depleting it. This involves coordinating experts including accountants, people from business, academics and policymakers, communicating to a broad range of businesses and other stakeholders the risk of depleting Scotland’s natural capital and the huge economic value from protecting and enhancing it. Set up collaborative projects to deliver tangible action to protect and enhance Scotland’s natural capital.

The Scottish Forum builds on tools already in place, like Scotland’s Natural Capital Asset Index. The Index was recently developed by the Scottish Government, which has committed to using the index to influence decision-making. The 2020 Climate Group continues to support and work directly with the Forum and sits on its board. For more information on the Forum visit the website here.