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July 9, 2012

The Sustainable Way to a Better Business

Sustainable Practices – Sustainable Performance

Crichton Carbon Centre has launched a programme offering Scottish businesses the opportunity to become more competitive by improving their resource efficiency and long term sustainability.  Sustainable Process Improvement (SPI) is a three-year programme supported by the European Regional Development Fund, with additional support from Local Authorities (Dumfries and Galloway, North Ayrshire, West Dunbartonshire) and the public and private sectors (2020 Climate Group, Bank of Scotland, SSE, Zero Waste Scotland).

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“Our aim is to help small businesses experience the benefits of being sustainable:  saving money, being more competitive, engaging staff, and of course, improving the efficiency with which they manage everyday resources such as energy, water, waste and other raw materials.  The programme is free and easy to follow, providing mentoring, training and advice to participating companies” commented the Crichton Carbon Centre’s CEO, Mike Bonaventura.

SPI builds on three years of earlier work by the Crichton Carbon Centre, successfully building capacity for sustainable development with small and medium sized enterprises across Dumfries and Galloway.  This Programme will raise awareness of sustainable business practice in thousands of small businesses throughout Lowlands and Uplands Scotland, with regular events, highlighting best practice in resource efficiency.  Ninety (90) businesses will receive direct support from SPI’s Business Advisors, helping them assess the way they currently use resources, identify opportunities to use them more efficiently and taking actions that will realise those opportunities.

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