Countdown to 2020

Several business leaders were asked to present to Scottish Parliament during the formation of the Climate Change Act. Ian Marchant handed the Minister for Environment, Stewart Stevenson, a copy of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, as a demonstration of the kind of creative thought necessary to deliver the change to combat climate change.

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Businesses and non-government organisations (NGOs) were supportive of setting a challenging target and that gave the government the confidence to set a target of 42% reduction in emissions, safe in the knowledge that all sectors of society would play their part in meeting this target. In December 2009, Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group was initiated by Ian Marchant and other business leaders and NGOs, with support from the Scottish Government, to ensure that all sectors of Scotland’s economy and civic society contribute fully to achieving Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets.

The Group now consists of 140 members from 100 organisations and business across Scotland, each with something valuable to contribute. The Group is Chaired by Ian Marchant and is supported by five Vice Chairs.

Watch our member videos to find out what challenges they think we face in Scotland and how we might overcome them.

The Group has five working sub-groups, each Chaired by a member. Click here to read about our sub-groups and their activities.

You can keep track of Scotland’s progress to reaching its climate change targets via the Scottish Government’s website.