Countdown to 2020

Update: Scotland Lights up Malawi

Scotland Lights up Malawi has seen an exciting new partnership with Scottish Renewables start on a high at the Scottish Renewables Conference last week. The Conference gave a platform to

Real life and real carbon

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited along to the Sustainable Process Improvement (SPI) end of Programme Awards. In 2012 the Crichton Carbon Centre launched a three year Sustainable Process

ONE: United

Wednesday saw the Scottish Renewables Annual Conference take place and the end of a busy few days for the Scotland Lights up Malawi campaign as we raised awareness of our project at the

Communication and climate change

As someone who works across both the business of public relations and communication and climate change, I was intrigued to read so many articles on people’ s thoughts on how

Scotland’s School Report

The UK Committee on Climate Change has published its report on Scotland’s progress today. I kind of feel exactly as I did when getting my School report; Confident that Scotland

You never stop learning

Everyone playing their part….. In collective efforts, Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) and SolarAid, this week saw clusters of the teachers involved in the Scotland Lights up Malawi project come together

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Reflections on the current climate

What should we say? I started this piece a couple of weeks ago with these words: “From my balcony at nearly 2,000 metres, I can see seven vapour trails above,

Have you gone without?

I know I wont have been the only soul to have been in this position, but just a few weeks ago, as we saw this winters coldest days I experienced

Access requires action

I have been reading an excellent report from the Shell Foundation ‘Accelerating Access to Energy’. The statistics are challenging. Here are a few: 1. Low income households in Africa spend up