Countdown to 2020


Revolve – a virtuous circle of re-use in retail

As a nation of consumers, we’re becoming more used to products that acknowledge their impact on the environment. There are an ever growing number of products that are fair trade,

Business can make a difference

I am fortunate to have been to Africa a few times but this is different. I am spending a couple of days with Solar Aid visiting their Sunny Money operation.

Better Growth Better Climate

I have been reading an interesting report called ‘Better Growth: Better Climate’ which was recently published by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. It was kicked off in

Update after July Management meeting

I spent the afternoon catching up with Victoria and the team. As always there’s more going on than you realise. We have reviewed progress on the 14 for 2014 and they

More reports and press releases

The UN panel on climate change, which issued its fifth assessment report late last year has followed up with two more reports. The first, published on 31 March, looks at


Shaping the low carbon future for Scotland: young people come centre stage

  Young Scot 2050 Climate Group: A time for change Young Scot and Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group are calling upon young people aged 18-30 to reclaim responsibility for a low


How truly green are green products?

This largely depends on how you define a green product, for example if you just mean greener than the alternative then yes most ‘green’ products are green. However, if you


Responsible Investment – The Balancing Act

It’s always good fun to look back and see how wrong people have been about the future. My favourite failed prediction is either the one from a vacuum cleaner manufacturer


Natural Capital

£21 Billion, that’s a big number and it’s a big chunk of £126 Billion. That second number was the GDP of Scotland in 2012, but that first number is what


Weather, wisdom and the West

I believe that societies in the West, such as here in Scotland, need to both get their own houses in order and do things that can make a tangible difference