Countdown to 2020

What’s #GivingTuesday?

Giving to combat Climate Justice… #GivingTuesday I am not sure if this sounds familiar… but amongst the busyness of life, its tasks, its many distractions and as other strands get

CEOs, power and sustainability

An article entitled “6 Reasons CEOs feel powerless to drive sustainability into their companies” was bound to attract my attention. I thought I would give the six reasons quoted and

2013 International Climate Justice Conference

It was around this time last year the inspiration for the Scotland Lights up Malawi campaign first struck. On the 9th October 2013, big names in the move towards climate

Member news: Business leaders believe urgent environmental action is necessary

It was revealed today, 29 Oct, that 78% of Scottish business leaders believe urgent action is necessary to protect and enhance Scotland’s ‘natural capital’. The result comes from a survey

Scotland Lights up Malawi transparent

Become an ambassador

Laura has kindly invited me to write a blog entry, being new to this, made me think about the fact that I am new to some of you and how

Creative Carbon Scotland

Scotland has a lot to do to reach its world leading target reduction of 42% in carbon reductions. But enterprises across Scotland are engaging with the concept that we can

Top ideas for how business can help combat climate change

Last week when I was idly Googling climate change I came across a list of ten top ten things we can all do to help combat climate change in the

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Lighting up education

On our second day in Kenya one of our hosts, Vincenzo, took us to a school in Tinderet. It was a three hour drive into the country on roads that


Revolve – a virtuous circle of re-use in retail

As a nation of consumers, we’re becoming more used to products that acknowledge their impact on the environment. There are an ever growing number of products that are fair trade,

Business can make a difference

I am fortunate to have been to Africa a few times but this is different. I am spending a couple of days with Solar Aid visiting their Sunny Money operation.