Countdown to 2020

Reflections on the current climate

What should we say? I started this piece a couple of weeks ago with these words: “From my balcony at nearly 2,000 metres, I can see seven vapour trails above,

Have you gone without?

I know I wont have been the only soul to have been in this position, but just a few weeks ago, as we saw this winters coldest days I experienced

Access requires action

I have been reading an excellent report from the Shell Foundation ‘Accelerating Access to Energy’. The statistics are challenging. Here are a few: 1. Low income households in Africa spend up

Dispensing with the myths

“Dispensing with the myths is necessary if we are to have a meaningful conversation” said Chris Huhne the other day, speaking on the politics of climate change.  The former Secretary

The search for positive-sum games

Over the past 300 years or so, humankind has developed a system for producing, distributing and exchanging goods and services, which has been based on human ingenuity in the design

Thoughts on the Twelve Days of Christmas

This year, we’ve done our own take on the Twelve Days of Christmas, but with a climate change twist. Each of the days focus on the impact of our actions.

Less haste, more money

A few weeks ago I took the FuelGood driving course. It was both easy to do and informative. An Energy Saving Trust approved instructor turned up at my door and we

The value of connection and networks

The collaborative leadership event on 24 November was a fascinating occasion to be a part of. We were privileged to have the globally-recognised leader in the field of conflict resolution

Climate change – a human-induced global threat among many

My attention was drawn recently to this lecture by Martin Rees, Emeritus Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics, University of Cambridge, delivered first at the Harvard School of Government last month

When Grumpy saw the future

Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group got its name from the interim targets in Scotland’s Climate Change Act. But they are interim targets. The transition to a low carbon world will take longer