Main Group

The remit for the group, is to:

  • build on the work of the Climate Change Business Delivery Group and other climate change alliances to provide strong, visible leadership to Scotland’s business and non-governmental communities to inspire them to do more to reduce carbon emissions;
  • help drive innovation through partnerships and synergies between members;
  • advise on, and aim to make early progress towards, achievement of the outcomes and targets of the Climate Change Delivery Plan;
  • identify relevant action and opportunities, and collaborate, to bring benefits to the Scottish economy;
  • identify where the group can best target its resources and expertise to accelerate the development, investment and action required across the following areas: Heat, Electricity, Waste, Transport, Rural land use & forestry, Consumer behaviour & attitudes;
  • to help ensure that Scotland is taking action to prepare for the impacts and realise the opportunities that a changing climate will bring and to contribute to building resilience and adaptive capacity. To achieve this, the group will work collaboratively across sectors sharing information, insight and expertise.

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