Supply Chain Group

The purpose of the Supply Chain Group is to support the 2020 Climate Group in general – and the Finance Sub-Group in particular – to help Scotland meet its 2020 emission targets.

The generation of significant levels of renewable energy will require a large increase in the capacity and capability of the supply chain – both technologies and skills will need to be developed while the production, transport and commissioning infrastructure is enhanced.

Such a flow of new technologies and the associated increase in supply chain capability will require significant investment and these opportunities must in turn be made attractive to the investment community through the establishment of sound business cases and the mitigation and management of risk.

The Supply Chain Group will therefore support the Finance Sub-Group’s remit by looking at supply chain issues which can create barriers to financing low carbon projects.


The group was convened by Susan Rice as Chair of the Finance Sub-group and is facilitated by PA Consulting Group.  It comprises 13 core members, all of whom have specialist expertise and an influential role to play in Scotland’s renewable energy supply chain. They are:

Aquamarine Power; BAE Systems; Babcock Marine; Bibby Offshore; BiFab; Clyde Blowers; Forth Ports; Pelamis Wave Power; Scottish Power Renewables; Scottish Renewables; Scottish Enterprise; Scottish and Southern Energy and Weir Group.


  • Determine where each renewable technology lies in its development lifecycle to identify where to target support;
  • Design a risk mitigation plan for each technology, assessing both actual and perceived risks
  • Map the supply chain opportunity, highlighting capabilities, strengths and weaknesses for each technology;
  • Build investor confidence through rigorous assessment of project viability;
  • Establish an industry wide programme to drive the development of integrated supply chains;
  • Encourage shared learning by engaging with key stakeholders in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The group has established an online community to share its thinking and progress with those interested in the wider renewables supply chain challenges – join us at LinkedIn.

Progress Update

  • Creation of the first ‘end-to-end’ group of its type in Scotland – enabling clarity.
  • Development of specific interactive development plans for the offshore wind and marine energy supply chains – shared at Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference 2011 and praised as the only tool of its kind in the public domain – increasing confidence in delivery.
  • Facilitating cooperation and collaboration among group members, developing specific ideas and actions to overcome supply chain issue.
  • Identification (and follow up) of specific actions to use the supply chain to reduce costs of offshore wind developments – building on the work of the Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Task Force.


Meeting 1 Summary Note (pdf) 8 February 2011

Meeting 2 Summary Note (pdf) 17 May 2011

Meeting 3 Summary Note (pdf) 8 September 2011

Meeting 4 Summary Note (pdf) 14 December 2011

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