Waste & Resources

The group’s remit is:

  • Increasing awareness, particularly with business and investors, of the role of waste as a resource and as a significant contributor towards meeting Climate Change targets.
  • Work with the Finance sub-group to increase understanding amongst financial bodies and investors and to consider alternative investment models for financing initiatives and new technologies.
  • Develop protocols to share good practice and promote joint working initiatives.
  • Work in association with the Public and Business Engagement sub-groups to ensure greater clarity of communication and develop consistent messages.

Group Priority Objectives and Actions for 2012

  • Address the Economics and Finance around waste infrastructure including, Energy from Waste.
  • Address the issues of Food Waste and consider the implications of a ban on the general disposal of food waste to landfill.
  • Assist the Scottish Government with the development of a Carbon Metric to better demonstrate the embodied cost of Carbon when considering for example recycling initiatives. Help the Scottish Government with data issues.
  • Make connections between waste as a resource and other policy areas such as Energy and Transport.
  • Help to develop/build capacity for community groups and similar organisations
  • Address the issues of Site waste management planning and consider ways to increase uptake of good practice especially for small to medium scale site operators. Work with the Built Environment sub-group on this issue.

Progress Update

The Waste Challenge: The waste & resources subgroup has challenged 2020 Climate Group members and interested external organisations to aim to try to comply with the Waste Regulations (Scotland) Act 2012 six months early. Over 40 organisations have already signed up to this challenge which will result in significant carbon emissions savings, as well as cost savings for those organisations involved. Throughout 2013, the W&R Subgroup will work to support these organisations with workshops and providing guidance where required. In addition, the waste challenge represents a significant opportunity to share learning across Scotland and internationally through publishing detailed case studies on the 2020 Climate Group website. You can show your support by registering for the Waste Challenge.

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