The Transportation Group’s remit is to help reduce carbon emissions from transport in Scotland by helping ensure all organisations in Scotland have access to relevant information that allows them to make the right behavioural or technology choices to reduce their carbon footprint and to inspire them to make positive change. 

More specifically our aims are:

  • To help engage and mobilise organisations to reduce their carbon footprint from transport, this may be through travel choices, behaviour change or technology.
  • To promote best practice and encourage greater uptake.
  • To help disseminate information and experience in adopting new and developing technology.
  • To motivate the Scottish Government to promote the right policy changes to support organisations achieve carbon reductions from transport.
  • To encourage better collaboration between organisations to deliver positive change.

Priority Objectives and Actions for 2013

  • 2020 Climate Group Leading by Example Initiative – the transport sub group has developed a number of transport and work related challenges that members of the 2020 Group will be encouraged to engage with. These cover encouraging uptake of electric vehicles, looking at the cultural barriers to greater uptake of video and audio conferencing, best practice in fuel efficient driving and promoting greater uptake of public transport.
  • Business Improvement Districts – the subgroup will develop and implement transport emissions reduction plans into 6 of Scotland’s Business Improvement Districts to demonstrate leadership then promote to the other 30+ BID areas in Scotland.
  • Commonwealth Games – the Subgroup is exploring ways in which they can work with the commonwealth games transport team to influence travel behaviour change during and after the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
  • ChooseAnotherWay – last year, the Transport Subgroup revamped the Choose Another Way website to make it more business facing. The new website focuses on promoting ways in which organisations can become more resilient and save money by reviewing the way they work, travel and manage their vehicle fleets. The site can be accessed at The sub group will continue to look at how these messages can be spread more broadly to the business community working in conjunction with the Business engagement sub group.

Progress Update

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