News – January 2011

Wind power's £30 billion of potential for Scotland

Around £30 billion could be invested in Scotland's offshore wind industry, creating thousands of jobs, First Minister Alex Salmond has claimed.

Public belief in climate change weathers storm, poll shows

Events of past 18 months have little effect on Britons’ opinion, as 83% view climate change as a current or imminent threat.

Totally clean and green: Scots scientists pave the way for hydrogen fuels

Researchers from Glasgow University, working with the commercial firm EADS Innovation Works, are developing technology which could allow which could pave the way for the use of hydrogen-based fuels to power aeroplanes and cars.

Scotland to export more green energy to England

Scotland's power network is to receive a £95 million upgrade, boosting its renewable energy capability.

Car park in green drive

One of Edinbugh’s top places to stay has declared its car park the “greenest in the city” after revealing plans to donate all profits to planting trees.

Scotland’s Green Energy Takes Another Step Forward

There’s a quiet revolution happening in a rural corner of Ayrshire, one which will help to heat Scotland’s homes and meet our environmental goals. And as we enter the New Year it’s just taken a massive step closer to producing enough electricity to power 4,000 homes.

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Fife powers forward in green energy

Fife has cemented its place as Scotland's “most exciting renewable energy powerhouse” following developments in the industry this week, a senior councillor has said.

North Sea spending set to rise by billions

Offshore companies are planning to spend billions of pounds more in the North Sea this year to boost output.

Dreich skies can still drive a £200m solar panel energy scheme

Thousands of Scottish homes and businesses to be fitted with photovoltaic panels, paid for through a green energy scheme.

UK wind energy blows away EU rivals

New figures on offshore wind projects, released by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), have revealed that the United Kingdom is the industry leader with the highest generation across Europe.

Hydrogen Office hailed as Methil leads the way

A ground-breaking £4.7 million research and demonstration centre powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology at Methil in Fife has cemented Scotland's position at the forefront of the world's multi-billion pound renewable industry, said First Minister Alex Salmond.

Airtight homes save city tenants 40% on bills

Scotland’s first airtight homes are costing their Aberdeen tenants 40% less in energy bills, according to figures published yesterday.

UK green bank may be based in Edinburgh, minister says

Edinburgh could become the home of the UK's new green investment bank, the energy secretary has said.

Last year was joint warmest on record, say climatologists

Earth's temperatures above average for 34th consecutive year and joint warmest since 1880.

Al Gore, Gary Neville or Cheryl Cole: who would you trust on climate change?

A survey commissioned by Climate Week suggests celebrities can help to communicate climate change.

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