News – July 2012


Fuelling change: how NHS initiatives are cutting carbon – and costs

Guy’s and St Thomas’ foundation trust hopes to reap the benefits from its investment in energy efficient fuel systems. Climate change could be “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century”, according to clinicians in a 2009 Lancet report and faced with this threat, the case for the health profession to take action on emissions is compelling.


Algae could be fuel game changer

The ultimate green solution to our energy needs may be right beneath our feet, but at what cost to Scotland, asks Peter Jones If YOU have paving or walls which get damp, you will be familiar with the green slimy stuff which tends to grow on it. Underfoot, it is a damn nuisance as it can turn your nice patio or stone steps into a slippery leg-break trap. But it could, ridiculous as it sounds, …

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global warming

Climate change study forces sceptical scientists to change minds

The Earth’s land has warmed by 1.5C over the past 250 years and “humans are almost entirely the cause”, according to a scientific study set up to address climate change sceptics’ concerns about whether human-induced global warming is occurring.

tidal turbine

Marine park to harness firth tides

Scotland’s reputation as a global centre of renewable power will be enhanced this week with the unveiling in Pentland Firth of the UK’s second marine energy park. The UK government will confirm it is to create its second such park in the ?waters south of Orkney, where developers are attempting to exploit some of the world’s fastest tides. The aim of the new park, which will incorporate the existing European Marine Energy Centre, is to …

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Marine energy consultation launched

The Crown Estate said yesterday it had launched an “industry engagement exercise” aimed at shaping the future of leases for wave and tidal projects in the UK. “With 37 sites leased to date, the UK already has a global lead in the wave and tidal industry and the exercise aims to help the industry grow further,” said the Crown Estate. The consultation invites developers of wave and tidal projects to share their visions of future …

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