Public Engagement

The purpose of the Public Engagement Group is two-fold:

  1. To act as the “intelligence hub” for the 2020 Climate Group and all of its sub-groups on behaviour change and public engagement issues and practice, ensuring a consistent approach to behaviour change issues and methodologies, and sharing insight and good practice; and
  2. To create high profile public dialogue over some of the “intractable issues” relating to a low carbon Scotland.

Priority Objectives and Actions for 2012

  • Establish the 2020 website as a core public platform, or “intelligence hub” for partners to profile innovative practice and up to date case studies
  • Identify most effective behaviour change approaches with partners
  • Produce a brief guide on effective measures in Public Engagement in the short terms
  • Explore further work with cross-sector partners to implement values-based approaches to behaviour change
  • Publish a report and build capacity in the long term
  • Help to develop/build capacity for community groups and similar organisations
  • Facilitate discussions with community-led action groups to identify ways of supporting them to increase their capacity to participate in the low-carbon economy
  • Youth Engagement

Terms of Reference

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