News – November 2011

National road charging is inevitable, warns head of UK motoring group

Prof Stephen Glaister, head of the RAC foundation, says motorists will have to book driving slots like they book exhibition tickets.

Shale threat to carbon target

Widespread exploitation of the huge reserves of shale gas under Lancashire could force the Government to scrap its targets for reducing carbon emissions, a report suggests today.

New Scots coast wind farm to be biggest in the world

The world’s biggest offshore wind farm is set to be built in Scotland with a multi-billion-pound investment, securing hundreds of jobs and further cementing the country’s position as a global leader in renewable energy.

World ‘sprinting to climate disaster’ as CO2 hits new record

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached record levels in 2010, according to the United Nations’ climate agency. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) also warned that levels of the gases that warm the planet were rising more quickly than in the past.

SSE's Strathy North wind farm approved

Plans for a 33-turbine wind farm in Sutherland have been approved by the Scottish government.

Power showers use twice as much water and electricity as baths

The average power shower costs families about £918 a year in water and electricity, according to a study by Unilever UK, the maker of Domestos and Dove products. This is nearly twice as much energy and water as a bath uses.

Warming at poles ‘will affect’ whole of the world

What happens at the north and south poles as a result of climate change will have a “huge effect” on the world, Sir David Attenborough said yesterday.

IPCC expected to confirm link between climate change and extreme weather

Report likely to conclude that man-made emissions are increasing the frequency of storms, floods and droughts.

BT rings up £13m energy savings with smart meter programme

BT says it will save £13m a year and shave five per cent off its carbon footprint by fitting more than 22,000 smart meters and over 1,500 building management systems across its property portfolio.

Call for greater collaboration between unlikely bedfellows at SSN conference

Collaboration between partners who might not normally work together is the key to driving forward a sustainable Scotland, a conference heard.

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Full house for SSN conference

More than 200 delegates will attend the 2011 Sustainable Scotland Network conference in Edinburgh tomorrow (10 November).

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World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns

If fossil fuel infrastructure is not rapidly changed, the world will 'lose for ever' the chance to avoid dangerous climate change.

Wild weather worsening due to climate change, IPCC confirms

Final draft of a report from the UN climate panel warns that weather extremes will come at a huge cost

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