News – September 2011

Al Gore praises Scotland’s commitment to low carbon economy

Climate change campaigner and Nobel Laureate Al Gore today praised Scotland’s commitment to renewables and the low carbon economy and said it was offering leadership to the world.

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Gamesa renewables centre opened

A £12.5 million centre to develop next-generation offshore wind technology in Scotland has been opened by First Minister Alex Salmond and Jorge Calvet, Chairman and Chief Executive of international turbine manufacturer Gamesa.

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Al Gore addresses Edinburgh low carbon conference

Former US vice-president Al Gore has strongly praised Scotland for the lead it has taken on renewable energy. Mr Gore also said its agricultural research was leading moves to regenerate soil which has been weakened by use of synthetic fertilizers.

Oil and gas “can shave 20 per cent from offshore wind costs”

Scottish Enterprise believes that harnessing the knowledge and expertise of the oil and gas sector can shave one-fifth from the cost of an offshore wind project during its lifetime.

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New fund to plug gap between offshore wind R&D and production

A £35 million fund to support production of new offshore wind technology in Scotland was unveiled by First Minister Alex Salmond today at the opening of the Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference in Edinburgh.

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More than a quarter of Scotland’s electricity is from renewables

In 2009, the most recently recorded period, a total of 27.4 per cent of Scotland’s electricity was generated by renewables such as off-shore wind power.

Project succeeds in developing electric car battery with greater range

A project led by advanced battery manufacturer Axeon and co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board has been successful in developing a new battery for use in electric cars that offers over a 35% improvement in range compared to existing technologies, for the same weight.

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Adaptation Scotland – a new name to tackle the impacts of climate change

To mark a new phase in its work encouraging people to tackle the impacts resulting from our changing climate, Scotland’s leading climate change adaptation initiative has today [Tuesday 20 September 2011] changed its name to Adaptation Scotland.

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Scotland’s wave and tidal sector ‘swimming against the tide’

Scotland’s wave and tidal sector face charges of £56 million every year to connect their projects to the grid while developers south of the border would receive millions in subsidy, new figures from Scottish Renewables reveal.

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ScottishPower spend £60 million on energy efficiency and fuel poverty projects

Highlights of ScottishPower’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Annual Review, published this month, include £60 million spent on energy efficiency and fuel poverty projects, and nearly £1.7 million donated by The ScottishPower Energy People Trust to 29 projects run by not-for-profit organisations, helping 637,883 households suffering from fuel poverty.

New atlas shows extent of climate change

If you have never heard of Uunartoq Qeqertaq, it’s possibly because it’s one of the world’s newest islands, appearing in 2006 off the east coast of Greenland, 340 miles north of the Arctic circle when the ice retreated because of global warming. This Thursday the new land – translated from Inuit as Warming Island – was deemed permanent enough by map-makers to be included in a new edition of the most comprehensive atlas in the world.

Scottish Government puts renewable energy at centre of economic strategy

The Scottish Government will invest £70 million to support offshore windfarms as renewable energy becomes the country’s economic priority.

Map of Scotland’s urban green space is world first

Greenspace Scotland has gathered data about parks, play areas, playing fields, gardens and allotments dotted up and down the country.

Tesco named top global climate change retailer

For the second year in a row, Tesco has been named the top retailer in the world for its efforts in tackling climate change, according to the industry-renowned Carbon Disclosure Project.

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Government targets green economic growth

Hundreds of companies producing goods and services for the green economy are being targeted by the Scottish Government as part of its new economic strategy.

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Food waste recycling in Edinburgh gets £1.3million boost

The funding allocated to the City of Edinburgh Council will support a roll-out of food waste collections to 140,000 households.

Banker warns of dangers of complex and uncertain renewable future

Complexity and uncertainty could hinder Scotland’s efforts to build a low carbon economy, according to one leading banker. Andrew Buglass, Head of Energy, Structured Finance at Royal Bank of Scotland, is a key speaker at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on September 27-28.

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Scotland must “play to strengths” in seeking place on global low carbon supply chain

Scotland should “play to its strengths” in creating a place for itself in the global supply chain for the renewable energy sector. Business leaders due to speak at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference in Edinburgh next month will tell delegates that the key is to focus on a number of specialisms where Scotland can build on its existing capabilities.

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Scottish greenhouse gas emissions for 2009 published

On 6 September the Scottish Government published estimates of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2009. The figures showed a drop in greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland from 54.8 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt C02e) in 2008, to 51.0 Mt C02e in 2009.

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