News – February 2011

Drivers cut speed to save hundreds of pounds

Millions of drivers are reducing their speed on the motorway in a bid to save money at the pumps, according to the AA. As the price of petrol soars to record highs, more than half of all drivers say they intend to cut their speed so as to eke out the contents of their fuel tank.

BT backs campaign for a greener Glasgow

BT is the latest partner in a high-profile campaign to make Glasgow one of the most sustainable cities in Europe, it was announced today. The communications company has signed up to Sustainable Glasgow, which brings together the public and private sectors and academia to reduce carbon emissions, boost the local economy and tackle social issues.

The ultimate gadget for urban transport?

Revolutionary three-wheeled vehicle wins at the Royal College of Art's Interim Degree Show in London.

Scotland’s recycling rate reaches 37.7%

Scotland’s municipal waste recycling and composting rate continued its slow but steady climb to reach 37.7% for the year ending September 2010, the latest quarterly figures published yesterday (February 16) by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) have revealed.

Climate change raises flood risk, researchers say

Greenhouse gas emissions are making extreme rainfall events more common, scientists say – and in the UK, have increased the risk of flooding.

New report highlights raw material risks for Scotland’s economy

Scotland’s economy relies on many raw materials for its functioning but which ones and how secure is the supply? The importance of future availability of fossil fuels is well known, and has been a discussion point for many years, but what about cobalt, phosphorus and aggregates?

Offshore giants join SSE carbon storage bid

Offshore energy giants Shell and Petrofac have joined an ambitious bid to turn an ageing north-east power station “green” and create hundreds of jobs.

Capgemini and CA Technologies team up to deliver outsourced carbon management

Consultancy giant Capgemini has this week announced it is teaming up with business software specialist CA Technologies to deliver a new service that will allow firms to outsource the management and reporting of their carbon and energy footprints.

SSE Carbon Capture and Storage Project at Peterhead

SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy plc), has submitted a proposal under the EU’s NER300 funding process to develop a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project at its gas-fired power station in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.  Shell U.K. Limited and Petrofac subsidiary CO2 DeepStore will also be participating in the project by providing the offshore transport and storage elements of the proposal.

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Prince of Wales: climate change sceptics ‘playing a reckless game of roulette’

Climate change sceptics are “playing a reckless game of roulette” with the future of their grandchildren, the Prince of Wales on Wednesday told a European Union conference on global warming.

SEPA sets out how it will help Scotland achieve its sustainable energy ambitions

Energy is fundamental to Scotland’s economy but a substantial proportion of carbon emissions arise from our energy demand. So how do we move to a low carbon economy, while still ensuring we have enough energy to meet our needs and that the environment is protected?

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Scotland can take initiative in hunt for renewable energy billions

Scotland could take the lead in a green revolution that will see all of the world’s energy needs met by renewable sources by 2050, a new report has claimed.

EU needs €2.2 trillion to meet carbon targets

Europe must bridge a €2.2trillion (£1.9trn) “carbon capital chasm” if it is to meet 2020 carbon emissions reduction targets.

International Review of Behaviour Change Initiatives

The Scottish Government has recently published an International Review of Behaviour Change Initiatives. The review, commissioned as part of the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Behaviours Research Programme, considers a range of behaviour change initiatives that have attempted to reduce the carbon intensity of consumption practices. It aims to enhance understandings of different approaches to behaviour change, and to explore the transferability of initiatives to the Scottish context.

BT extends carbon commitment to suppliers

As part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions across all of its operations, today BT introduced a Climate Change procurement standard that will apply to all suppliers. This new standard encourages suppliers to use energy efficiently and reduce carbon during the production, delivery, use and disposal of products and services supplied to BT. 

World’s most efficient solar cells ready for use in the UK

A manufacturer of what is believed to be the world's most efficient solar units says the cells have achieved MCS accreditation and are now ready for use in the UK.

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