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July 30, 2012



Tesco Knowledge Hub


The Tesco Knowledge Hub on 2degrees

Tesco Knowledge Hub… is the world’s largest supply chain collaboration, providing an engagement platform for Tesco’s top 1500 suppliers from over 20 countries.

It is also a resource for hundreds of Tesco staff and partners like WRAP, IGD and the Carbon Trust.

The collaboration helps to reduce the energy costs, waste and environmental impacts of the products Tesco buys, and aims to cut 30% of the carbon emissions from the supply chain by 2020.

“We’ve pledged to reduce the carbon footprint of the products we sell by 30% by 2020. To do this we need to work with all of our suppliers and the Tesco Knowledge Hub provides an excellent way for us all to learn more, and to share best practice.”

John Scouler, Commercial Director, Tesco

The Hub was a key factor in Tesco being named top retailer for carbon reporting and performance by the Carbon Disclosure Project in 2010.

The project was then recognized with a Gigaton Award for outstanding carbon reductions and sustainability performance. For its collaboration with suppliers on the Knowledge Hub and overall strategy, Tesco won the Grocer Gold Award 2012 for ‘Green Retailer of the Year’.

“[The Hub is] not just abitofIT,orthebit of infrastructure that you import… but real people with knowledge and commitment, who shape what’s on the Hub, who help people come on board, find out what they want, really understand how people are going to use it; and then guide the offer to those people.”

Helen Fleming, Climate Director, Tesco

Hear what makes the Hub so interesting in a short video interview with Helen Fleming, Climate Director at Tesco:

Tesco Knowledge Hub visits APS Salads: